Made 4 Math Monday #5

This past week I have been working on everything INB (interactive notebook) that I almost forgot about #made4math, blasphemy I know! So I got to work over the weekend and cranked out two little mini projects.

First Up: My DIY Clipboard

I carry around a clipboard a lot, I have my grades on it, post-its, and whatever other little papers make their way in throughout the day. I wasn’t satisfied with the one I had last year so I went to Staples and got a plain one for $1. I also went to Hobby Lobby where they were having a 40% scrapbook paper sale and got 5 pieces ( 2 for the top design, 2 for the bottom, and 1 piece for the center strip). The only other materials I used were Matte Modge Podge and black paint which I already had laying around my room. Here are the pictures of the process!

The I slapped some modge podge onto the clipboard and put on my paper. Protip: have a credit card handy to push out the bubbles.
My corners were super ugly but instead of using an exacto knife or scissors I…
sanded them down to this. Much better :)
Here is how she looked, nice but I still wasn’t satisfied. (Can you tell somebody learned about the caption tool recently)
I dry brushed the edges to give it a well more edgy effect because, well, I’m super edgy. I finished if off with a coat off modge podge just in case me and my clip board get caught in the rain.

Project #2: Flower Pens

I’ve seen a lot of people doing flumed feather pencils, but that isn’t quite my style (not a big feather girl). My other issue with the pencils, and I could totally be wrong, but that you can’t use the eraser with a bunch of feathers flyin’ around. With this in mind I figured I would make something with pens. I had seen this in an English teachers room when doing my student teaching and I loved them because they double as desk decoration.

Here is what you need if you want to make these:

-Fake flowers

-BIC pens (I used black, red, and blue)

– Floral Tape

– Vase and vase filler

To start out take out all your pens, toss the caps, and pop off the ends (I did this using a pair of pliers to help shimmy them out). Then take your flowers and take off the fake fabric green stem, you should be left with the flower and a skinny plastic stem. Then with wire cutters cut the plastic stems varying lengths. Stick the plastic stem into the pen where you had popped out the back and then use floral tape the wrap them up. Warning: floral tape is super sticky. Another word of the wise is once you are done take baby power in your hands and then rub the pens in them, this will take out the stickiness from the floral tape. VOILA! You are done! Just stick them in the vase and you now have a beautiful desk decoration as well as a bunch of functional pens. My students liked using them but opted out since they were pens and not pencils and they never once stole one, the girls did try to get me to sell them though :P

If you look closely some of the pens on the left and right look at tad odd, that is because when I first started I didn’t put them inside the pen, about halfway through i corrected this mistake. The pen in the middle is a “perfect” one.