A New Beginning and a Blank Canvas

So while everyone else was having a very interesting “conversation” on twitter (in quotes because half of it got deleted) I went to my classroom!

Some of you may know that I was laid off at my old school due to a reduction in force. I moved back home and was lucky enough to find a job nearish to home and in a great district. I’m so excited about starting my second year of teaching even if it is in an unfamiliar place. My new school is HUGE compared to everywhere else I’ve been with ~2,200 students in the high school alone. I’m pumped to be in such a large district and looking forward to all the chaos that comes with it.

Here are pictures of my room right after I walked into it for the first time:

I love that the room is a really nice size and although I love having all the wall space I do wish there was another whiteboard so that I could keep a weekly calendar much like I had done last year. Other things that made me have a mini breakdown were that there was no projector. I was able to email my department head though and she put in a work request to have one installed (yay!!!). I really wanted a projector because I love the structure it provides. It can save so much time by already having a warm up ready and also to have things like definitions and practice problems. I hate having my back facing my little chickpeas. Also I really wanted it for review games. Another big eye sore for me was that there are about 5 different types of chairs in my room. I’m the newbie on the block so I knew I would get some leftovers – I’m just happy to be employed!
I went back to school today along with some boxes and even though it isn’t much here is my progress:

This is all the crap the past teacher left in the room. I piled it up on the circular table by the door. ACK history :)