Classroom Setup Part 2

While far from done I did want to post some pictures of the progress I made in my room last Friday! The more I’m in this room the more I think I’m really going to like it despite the fact that there are no windows.

View from the door to the back left corner.

They still haven’t taken out all of the history stuff, I’m about to put the smack down! Also if you notice I have 6 pods of 4 and then 2 pods in the back of 2 because I didn’t want to have to move everything up in the room to make room in the back for another pod. Is this a good idea or should I say goodbye to my personal space upfront?

View from the door to the back right corner: My command center. I would have loved to do an L-Shape but it would have blocked drawers and cabinets. Plus I like that my desk is in the back so when they are taking a test I can easily spot and trouble makers.
My first bulletin board. (I need to get some kind of fabric to go on these but I just don’t foresee that happening in the near future as I’ve spent WAY too much on school stuff)

The idea for this came from Sarah (thanks so much I steal everything from you) Rubin over at Everybody is a Genius. My mom works at an office where they have a GINORMOUS printer, only downside is it only does things in black and white, nice thing is that if I decide I want to change these I can have that puppy spit a new one out on demand.

The “Student Corner” of my room.

This is where all the info they need can be found. The two black baskets are where I will use hanging files to put any print outs/ homework worksheets/ etc inside so if they are absent they can just come pluck one out. Or if a student comes in late in the year they can go and find all the important stuff – AND it also will be good for me to keep track of original copies. I’m also going to have things like hand sanitizer, a stapler, a pencil sharpener, etc here (is that too much? Help me classroom feng shui people).

I plan on making the bulletin board into something similar that I saw here for when students are absent and they need to find out what they missed.

The little table I’m going to put commonly used papers (no homework form, graph paper, college ruled paper, warmup sheet) and I’m also going to have 4 little bins to serve as Algebra 1 & Math 3 – LHS & RHS. Funny story about this table, I was walking thru the hallway around my room and spotted it just sitting there all be his lonesome. I decided since I couldn’t find any soul around to ask, I would drag it into the very back corner of my classroom before anyone came looking for it. (In another life I was a hunter/gatherer/scavenger) Later that day one of the maintenance guys came around and asked me about if I had seen a table in the hallway – I played coy saying “OH RLY? A TABLE YOU SAY? IS SOMEONE LOOKING FOR IT?” Once he told me he was just going to taking it to storage – I fessed up :)

These are where I will store my INB supplies as well as things we commonly use, so I have whiteboard markers and sleeves there currently. The little blue buckets are an idea I saw on some elementary teachers blog as well as several others (I’m talking about YOU @msrubinmath) and they are for when the students are cutting to put their trash in them instead of getting up every two seconds to put it in the real trash can.
Inside of my INB store caddies.

Any suggestions on how to get the cups to stay stationary? I was thinking about using wall mounting tape – that stuff you get with dry erase boards that when you take them down you take part of the wall with you? Any other ideas? I’m also going to stick some #2s in there, anything else I’m missing? Is this too much? GAH.

Buckets to keep their INBs in – each class will be assigned a color and I will make little signs. There are two for each class. I don’t have the $$ or the wall space for any more.
My desk area!

Yay look at my little Bee!!! Anyway – the circular table I think I want to use at the “turn-in” station. So this is where they will plop their quizzes/tests/ and any other forms.

So Yay or Nay people? Help me get my stuff together before Wednesday!!!


7 thoughts on “Classroom Setup Part 2

  1. Looks like you did get something done despite the onslaught of freshmen on Friday! My classroom is full of another teacher’s stuff, too. It’s so hard to get your own stuff organized when you’re working around an obstacle like that! I’m trying to be nice about it but it really needs to be out of there on Monday!

    I think hot glue would be better than tape for keeping your cups in place in the bins. Low temp glue is less permanent (maybe a good thing if you aren’t sure you’ll like the set-up); high temp bonds really well but can give you 3rd degree burns if you’re not super careful!

  2. Looks great!!! We must browse the same websites because I am using a lot of the same ideas you are doing. Totally jealous of your mom’s printer!! The school that I taught at last year had one and this school that I am at for next year doesn’t…Wah!!!! A couple of ideas for you…for your bulletin board, instead of fabric, I used the plastic tablecloths that you can get in the party supply section of Walmart. They come in a pack of two for $1.50!!! Can’t beat it!!! Plus for your caddies, maybe use Velcro to get the cups to stay uproght?!?!? I use Velcro A LOT!!!! Looking good!!!!

  3. I found that it was actually ok if the cups aren’t stuck down inside the baskets. It also gives you the freedom to take things out for the day if you need to. As long as everything had its own spot they stayed neat. Maybe add containers for the tape and scissors?

  4. Lol @ playing coy with the custodians! I mess with the ones at my school too! It really makes my day! Lmao! I’m kinda jealous at how sharp your colored pencils are! Mine are holdovers from last year so they’re pretty dull. I’ve been saving them for detention chores, but I think I’ma have to suck it up and sharpen em!

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