Made 4 Math Monday #1

So on twitter a bunch of us have been super envious of all the creative elementary teachers as well as their Monday Made It posts. On twitter yesterday @druinok and @pamjwilson announced Made 4 Math Monday (blog posts can be found here or here) and I got superrrrr excited!

I was inspired by these as well as some other calendars I’m sure I’ve seen on the internet or in store. I go through calendars like crazy, so I decided instead of buying one (what a joke! I probably still will) that I would make one. I am in love with the chevron trend this year and I cannot get over how great white and grey look together. I put in a splash of color also, I think this will also be the theme of my binders and labels this year (These things might be another #made4math craft down the road). Here it is all my nonexistent followers! I used photoshop the first time around but I didn’t like that I had to wing all the spacing so I went back and redid it through word.

So without further ado here is my DIY #made4math calendar!

The nice thing about this is you can print it out multiple times! You can put them in a binder, you can hang it on the wall behind your desk – the possibilities are endless!!! If you would like the word version of the calendar to put in all those special dates like Christmas or whatnot, just DM me on twitter @mathtastrophe with your e-mail and I can send it to you.

– ashley


3 thoughts on “Made 4 Math Monday #1

  1. So cool!!!! I also love calendars and end up looking at EVERY agenda I find in the store trying to find the *perfect* one :) Love your chevron pattern!

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